Your Voice Matters to the Energy Justice Listening Project

Thanks to Asheville’s youthful Sunrise activists, Asheville City Council recently passed a Climate Emergency Resolution calling for 100% clean, renewable energy by 2030.

The Resolution says:

  • Justice requires that frontline and marginalized communities actively participate in the planning and implementation of the climate mobilization effort, and equally benefit from the transition to a climate-safe economy.
  • The scope and scale of action necessary to stabilize the climate and biosphere will require unprecedented levels of public awareness, engagement, and deliberation to develop and implement effective, just, and equitable policies to address the climate emergency.

To help attain these goals, the Energy Justice Listening Project is reaching out to interview less-often-heard residents. Our Mission: “To hear the priorities, creative ideas, and hopes from people of all sectors of the community about an equitable and just transition to clean energy, and to make it happen.”

We see the need not just for “public engagement” in the usual token way. Rather, the deep listening is a first step; next comes community organizing to meet shared goals. We realize that by listening from the heart, leadership emerges. We can create alliances based on inclusivity, compassion and racial-economic-social justice. We must identify what’s needed for the most vulnerable to thrive, knowing that what helps them lifts us all up. Listen to the wisdom of our people—and take steps to follow that guidance.

Trained Listeners are looking for volunteers who would like to be interviewed. It takes about 45 minutes to an hour, and you’ll remain anonymous unless you wish your name to be used. We will share demographic data. Look for us at the Edington Center.

For more information, please visit, or write to