Elijah Waters owner of the Chill Cereal Bar

Elijah Waters, owner of the Chill Cereal Bar

Chill Cereal Bar and Café

Patricia Waters and her son Elijah Waters launch the Chill Cereal Bar.
Patricia Waters helped her son Elijah turn his vision into a reality. Photo: Renato Rotolo/Urban News

Generation Now: Spotlight on Youth

The vision of Elijah Waters becomes a reality.

By Patricia Waters –

The Chill Cereal Bar is a business created by my son, 12-year-old son Elijah Waters. He created the name and the logo design for the business; I helped him take his vision and turn it into a reality.

The business is focused on bringing families and others together to spend quality time with each other, while eating something everyone loves, cereal! In today’s technology-bound society, where everyone is on their phones constantly, putting down our phones and communicating with each other is crucial to creating strong families and communities.

The Chill Cereal Bar is designed to get you to laugh, have fun, and enjoy all the varieties of cereal, milk, and toppings you love. Games will heighten the interaction among each other. And of course the best part—as Elijah knows—is that cereal is something that can be eaten morning, afternoon, or at night.

At the beginning the Cereal Bar will be limited to pop-ups; then we plan to open a storefront. And in fact our first business day, the very first pop-up Cereal Bar, took place last March 7, National Cereal Day! It was held at a daycare with a mixture of all ages present, and it was delightful to see all the kids’, from Elijah and friends to the youngest ones, faces light up as they enjoyed themselves, their companions, and their favorite cereals.

It’s the little things that bring the most joy into our lives, and Elijah and I are both excited about this new way of bringing the community together, one cereal bowl at a time.

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