Fall leaves with raindrops

Winter Weather Folklore

Fall leaves with raindropsVarious ways to predict the weather have been passed down from one generation to the next for centuries.

People paid close attention to the details of the world around them, like when birds migrate or when the leaves fall, to help predict the weather. This practice helped with farming and gardening plans, as well as travel and other activities.

For instance, many believe that the date of the first snow tells how many times it will snow. Should the year’s first snow come down on the 12th of the month, you can expect 12 more storms before winter is over.

Many people still rely on these old sayings. Look for the following indicators to predict what type of weather is on the way.

  • A large crop of walnuts means a snowy, cold season.
  • An abundant crop of berries is also a sign of a cold, snowy winter.
  • Flowers bloomin’ in late Autumn, a sure sign of a bad winter comin’.
  • Leaves which fall early indicate winter will be mild. When leaves fall late, winter will be severe. If the leaves wither on the branches in October instead of falling, an extra cold winter is in store.
  • Apple skins which are tougher and thicker also tell us a colder winter is expected.
  • Corn husks which are thicker and tighter than usual indicate a cold winter ahead as well.
  • Squirrels with very bushy tails in the fall indicate a colder winter. If squirrels stash their nuts high in the trees, the snow will be deep.
  • Birds migrating early indicate a severe winter.
  • If robins are seen near a house during the fall, the winter will be cold.
  • When wild turkeys perch in trees and refuse to come down, snow is imminent.
  • The wider the brown band in the middle of a Woolly bear caterpillar, also called a woolly worm, the milder the winter will be. The more black there is, the more severe the winter.
  • Mushrooms galore, much snow in store. No mushrooms at all, no snow will fall.
  • A warm October indicates a cold February.

For the full winter forecast, visit the Old Farmer’s Almanac at www.almanac.com.


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