Healing the Wounds

Maceo Z. Keeling, Business Strategist and CEO of Asheville Business Accelerator. Photo: Urban News
Maceo Z. Keeling, Business Strategist and CEO of Asheville Business Accelerator. Photo: Urban News
The Conscious Corner by Maceo Z. Keeling, Sr. –

It is an overwhelmingly bizarre embarrassment before the world, and an abomination beneath the heavens, to have such obvious hatred and malice in the body and minds of our national leadership and among some of their followers.

The systematic dismantling of programs and efforts to heal the gaping, festering wound of racism in America has been no less criminal than apartheid. African Americans and other peoples of color are the backbone of this country. We must not be baited, hoodwinked, or goaded into any kind of violence that will result in more bloodshed—but we must leverage our strength!

No one event and no single circumstance can heal the wounds. This infection requires skillful surgeons to cut out the malaise without hurting the healthy parts of the body politic. It requires soldiers (antibiotics) to fight the spread beyond its current reach.

And because the wound of racism runs so deep, the infection also needs time to heal. That will take patience as well as determination, but we must muster both, because left untreated it will consume and ultimately destroy the entire body. This infection is asking—no, demanding—that we all make sacrifices for the good of our nation and our world.

As with any infection, with racism or the coronavirus, treatment and recovery begins with diagnosing the illness. In the infection of racism, that means cleaning the wound and changing the bandages frequently. We must continue to work with our soldiers.

In the case of the brand-new pandemic of Covid-19, we have learned that the greatest army on Earth can’t prevail. We have learned that millions, billions, or even trillions of dollars will not make you immune to an airborne sickness of the body and the depression of the spirit that comes with social isolation.

We are also relearning a lesson taught and forgotten a dozen times in our history: the true nature of illness is to consume and destroy the body, and racism is worse than Covid-19 on the body of our country. Today as in the past—under Richard Nixon, and Woodrow Wilson, Andrew Johnson, Andrew Jackson, and no doubt others—we have learned that our narrative is often changed by White House propaganda to instill fear and loathing of Black people.

From today forward, let the word go out from this paper that righteousness will prevail. This nation’s streets are stained with the blood of our family. There is blood of Black men and women on this nation’s flag. There is blood in the cotton fields of the south and the north. There is blood of Black people in every foxhole and foreign land where America has fought a war or conflict.

Let the truth ring out that we have paid our way here in America and we have paid in blood! Let those in power who have a conscience know that this is not a narrative of guilt or hatred, but a narrative to highlight injustice, disenfranchisement, and the intentional subjugation of a people who have paid in blood where the was no debt!

Now the question is whether this “great” county is great enough, and good enough, to make good on the promise to its citizens—or if it will continue to fuel hatred and violence with its barefaced hypocrisy.

In the words of the Black National Anthem, “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” “We have come, treading our path through the blood of the slaughtered.” And now, today, we must never stop the good work. As John Lewis so eloquently stated, we must never stop making “Good trouble and necessary trouble!”

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