Beaten But Not Broken

Dr. Marga Macias

A remarkable story of survival and triumph by Dr. Marga Macias, MD.

Years of physical abuse ended her nine-year marriage, leaving Dr. Marga Macias (known as Dr. Marga) with full custody of two children, ages six and two, alone in a foreign country and shunned by her Catholic family for breaking marriage vows. Working long, punishing hours as a pediatrician to make ends meet in a job where she was overwhelmed and unappreciated, stress and exhaustion took a toll on her health as she dealt with depression, a thyroid disorder, obesity, pre-diabetes, and hypertension.

Hitting rock bottom but surviving a medical catastrophe which claims many lives, also made her realize that she was given a second chance in life—leaving her with a simple choice: do or die!

The road to recovery was excruciatingly painful and difficult, yet filled with valuable lessons. Along with her steadfast faith, Dr. Marga acknowledges that in order to heal the body, one must first heal the psyche. In her words, “Never underestimate the power of the human mind.”

This became the foundation of her books and programs which bring hope and inspiration to so many. She has helped clients reverse Type 2 diabetes as well as reclaim their birthright to greatness, living the life of their dreams.

“Nothing brings me more joy than to see someone who was once broken live life to the fullest,” Dr. Marga says. Her story of survival paves the way for the transformation of others and helps make this world a better place.

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