A 2024 election journey through a Black lens.

Each week, Angela Rye, Tiffany Cross, and Andrew Gillum unpack the news on the road to November 2024, courageously seeking to build a home for marginalized voices; a defiant stance against mainstream narratives.

Native Land Pod guides us through the political landscape, wielding insights and unapologetic analysis, unraveling the threads that connect Black Americans and marginalized communities to a place they courageously call home.

In each episode, Rye, Cross, and Gillum embark on a journey of reflection, taking stock of the news of the week and the country’s road to the polls. Tune in each week as they navigate the dance between past and present, weaving a narrative of hope, empowerment, and the unyielding strength that defines the journey to reclaim ‘Native Land.’

The premiere episode features commentary on former President Trump and Republican Candidate Nikki Haley’s recent statements about the civil war in the lead-up to the Iowa Caucus, actress Taraji P Henson’s impassioned comments about the ongoing wage-gap struggle, and more.

In the spirit of the last stanza of the Black National Anthem, we rise from the past, rooted deeply in the soil of ancestral struggles, to build a home, to claim our space. This isn’t just news analysis; it’s a movement, a conversation, and a testament to the power of those who dare to rebuild and redefine the meaning of home.

Watch Native Land Pod at www.youtube.com/@NativeLandPod. Listen to the new podcast at omny.fm/shows/native-land-pod.

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