It is Your Voice and Your Vote!

Poem By Sabrina Fuller –

Stats are showing votes are going.

It’s our nation, why is all the power
scattered among the small stations.

Electoral Votes, that’s all wrong,
why don’t we all count, shouldn’t that be in the law?

In the beginning only 6% had a vote that would count,
we have changed this number.

So we should seek further, don’t let our democracy cheat us out.

Election fraud shouldn’t be real.
Why is our nation being put on the stake?

Your vote shouldn’t be bought,
your Voice shouldn’t be a purchase.

Gerrymandering should be found guilty in our nation’s jury.

Jim Crow laws lurk in the night.
Stopping others light from getting on the ballot.

Every citizen should have the right to vote!
Congress has power to enforce these voting rights, so where are you?

Is our legislator going downhill?
Our nation is fighting an uphill battle!

Our Leaders should be fighting for our rights, not their own.

Have a fair vote for those who wish to encourage world change.
For those who wish to receive life change.

Reaching 18 years of age you have a human right.
“Old enough to fight, Old enough to vote”

We fight a war on our Morality,
We cast a vote to our Hopes.