The Messy Middle of Transformation. 

Rise and make intentional choices as you lean into a journey of transformation. Whether you realize it or not, in this moment you are called into something bigger than yourself that requires the creation of intentional purpose and alignment. In doing so, you inevitably have to navigate the necessary messy middle of change, which is the gap between your current state and your desired purpose.

The messy middle is the space where the painful, often unspoken work takes place. That work you whisper about to your most trusted confidants. The sacred work you often do not prioritize that ultimately moves you from success to significance. But you have to choose it and step into your game-changer posture to position yourself to drive innovation and change for the future.

In Choosing Purposeful Alignment, Tracey Greene-Washington takes you through a series of critical “what if” questions, allowing you to rise and make intentional choices as you lean into a journey of transformation, defining moments, clarity, and audacious boldness.

Through imbalance and dis-ease, and grappling with challenging moments in her personal and professional life, Greene-Washington survived, emerging as a true game changer who continues to evolve.


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