Maceo Keeling - SCORE Member, Business Owner and Consultant. Photo: Urban News

You’re Not Hungry, You’re Thirsty!

Maceo Keeling - SCORE Member, Business Owner and Consultant. Photo: Urban News
Maceo Keeling – SCORE Member, Business Owner and Consultant. Photo: Urban News
The Conscious Corner by Maceo Keeling –

Researchers at the Nutritional Center at New York Hospital have concluded that symptoms of dehydration are often confused with hunger.

Our bodies are programmed to let us know when we are thirsty, but when we get the signal we don’t recognize what it is. Some symptoms include headache, weakness, irritability, or loss of concentration. Our most common reaction is to get something to eat to replenish our strength. If we don’t turn to food, we grab a soda, coffee, or another caffeine-and-sugar-filled drinks—which further dehydrate our body rather than truly quench our thirst.

This is a peculiar phenomenon, because water is crucial for the survival of all life forms here on Earth.

Facts about dehydration

  • 75% of people are chronically dehydrated.
  • Dehydration causes fatigue and is the #1 cause of mid-day fatigue
  • The thirst mechanism kicks in with as little as a few ounces of water depletion, and it happens very quickly when exercising or battling a virus.
  • Even mild dehydration stresses the brain function; water or good hydration has been shown to improve memory.
  • The body uses energy to warm the water and can boost metabolism by as much as 30%.
  • In one five-year randomized trial, patients with kidney stones were told to drink more water, which resulted in a drop in kidney stone recurrence.

What Can Be Done?

Ensure that you get your daily allotment of water. There are many great apps that can help you track down your water intake such as MyFitnessPal and My Water Balance.

I do it old-school way! I fill a gallon jug with water in the morning, and I do my best to get it all drunk by bedtime!

Consider drinking plenty of water and getting a good night sleep (from my last article) and feel the great difference. Drink plenty of water! It’s the simplest and best advice.

Remember: You don’t have to be great to get started, but you do have to start to become great. Answer the call!


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