Ask Sista Girl – April 2020

Dear Sista Girl:

I am a high school-aged teen.

The person I called “dad” since I was a baby, has always been a biological woman.

“Dad” still co-parents with my mom, i.e., gives me rides to school and makes medical decisions. Now my mom is newly married to a different woman, and I feel angry and do not want to go to school with my peers nor engage in getting to know this new woman my mom has decided to marry. I feel like my life has been ruined. Will I ever be able to recover?


Of course you will be able to recover.

This entire situation makes me reflect on one of my favorite Maya Angelou quotes, “Change the way you look at everything and things change.”

If homeschooling works best for you to stay out of the eye of the public, then by all means, follow that path. Some students elect not to engage and want to withdraw from society based on decisions they had little to do with. But if you want to socially engage and be a part of your school’s thriving community, I suggest you consider that first.

Forget what others think!

If you are a musician, then engage in the band or orchestra; if you are a leader, engage in student government. The whole point of this time is to get all that you can, then move on and blossom where you are planted.

If your mom has looked out for your best interest (you were clothed and fed with a roof over your head) then show her some love and grace. She may not have shared with you the way you would have preferred, but there is a reason for everything.

Instead of being angry, find out why. Until then, fill your cup with as much as you can and learning to make connections on the way. Pretty soon, you will have your own life and you can navigate accordingly.

~ Sista Girl



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