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Dear Sista Girl:

Recently, I was given a job that requires me to replace a person who had the position for seventeen years and always excelled.

I feel as though I have big shoes to fill and my feet feel very small. I am now the go-to person. There was not a lot of training before she left and there is a huge void now that the experience is gone.

How can I go from novice to expert quickly?

My Brotha,

First, give yourself a pat on the back for being the person chosen to fill such large shoes. Remember: you were chosen for a reason.

Second, the advice I would give to anyone is that no matter how big the shoes may appear to be, you have to start with the sole. The sole is the foundation or all the basic job duties that need to be performed on a daily basis. Aside from all the special projects or knowledge you need to obtain, these things have to be completed. Build your sole to fit your feet. What I mean by this is take your time and move at your pace.

Third, design the upper part of the shoe in your image. The shoe is yours now and should reflect who you are and the direction you would like to take. Know that your accolades or evaluations will always be based upon what you do, not what she did or did not do, so refrain from speaking negatively or comparing yourself to someone that everyone knows did an excellent job. Research, read, and try new things to better yourself and your organization.

Finally, you can get rid of her shoes once you have mastered the basics.

Best wishes.

~ Sista Girl



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