Ask Sista Girl – November 2018

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Dear Sista Girl:

Why does my girlfriend take her cheating boyfriend back over and over again, even when she sees him cheating with her own eyes? 

Oftentimes, she tells me the bad things he does and a few days later she takes him back. He recently proposed, then cheated two weeks later. Why does she let it continue?

She’s a beautiful, intelligent woman with two daughters who just bought her own house. One of many mistakes was letting him move in with her.

I wonder if it is because everyone says they make a handsome couple and they have developed a business plan together. Do they feel they are obligated to stay together?

My Sista,

Beauty and intelligence are only skin deep. It takes more than good looks and brains to resist charisma and lies. Unfortunately, your friend suffers from low self-esteem. At some point, she has been told she is not worthy, not good enough, or second best … and she believes it.

She lacks the self-confidence to be done with him for good. She fears the unknown and thinks she can’t do better. It is sad that some people want the dream and not a better reality. They want others to think they are the gorgeous couple with a nice home, successful business or love, when they are really miserable.

Until she can resolve her personal issues and feel worthy of something or someone better, she will remain in this cycle of failure. Ask your friend to seek therapy. It may help her to see her relationship for what it really is. Tell her the best reason to seek therapy is to set a better example for her daughters and the tough choices they will need to make in life.

~ Sista Girl



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