Ask Sista Girl – April 2018

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Dear Sista Girl:

I have always wanted and sought true love.

I have been married and divorced. I have dated numerous persons who were not right for me. I have been stood up on more than one occasion. Recently, I have been disappointed and disillusioned by men that I thought had potential.

Is true love real? Is it just an illusion chased by many, found by none?

My Sista

I believe it is real. I cannot say for sure but recently I met someone. He is genuine, smart, and easy on the eyes. We have so many things in common. We like the same television shows, love sports, reading, exploring new things, and traveling. We love our families.

We have great conversations and so far, great dates. He calls without my initiation. He suggests dates and activities. Unlike being with others in the past, I don’t feel like I’m doing all the heavy lifting. He looks out for me and gives advice when needed. I respect and appreciate who he is and I believe he respects and appreciates me for who I am.

We also have our differences which I embrace and have no desire to change. He feels the same. We both feel that we were destined to meet at this point in our lives because we have grown, been hurt by others, and have triumphed through it all to find each other.

I finally found what I have searching for my entire life, and I pray it is real. If he is not who I think he is … I will not believe in true love anymore. I will not tell you to stop hoping but I will.

Continue searching. Best wishes.

~ Sista Girl



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