Summer Clayton on TikTok

Find Summer Clayton on TikTok.

Dinner With Dad

TikTok user offers a bit of unconditional love, support, and acceptance.

Summer Clayton on TikTok
Find Summer Clayton on TikTok.

Summer Clayton has a conversation at the dinner table with us, his audience, giving us the support and love we didn’t know we needed.

Clayton offers people the chance to have an intimate conversation with their “father” on a TikTok video dedicated to helping people who long for a caring and considerate father. Unconditional love, support and acceptance are some of the common themes of his videos.

As Clayton, who plays “Dad,” sets the table for dinner, he asks questions and checks in with you in much the same way a good parent might. As he sets down two plates of food and explains what’s for dinner, Clayton embodies a calm, stable, and affectionate paternal figure. After every question, Clayton sits in silence waiting for us, the viewer, to answer before telling us that things will be all right and that he loves us.

There is something extraordinarily comforting when a person asks you something as simple as “how was your day?” Stability and connection are two of the fundamental needs children want from their parents. Even as adults, many of us never stop needing that connection with our parents. His comments section is filled with people who have been incredibly moved by the interaction.

Clayton playing Dad isn’t limited to just dinner conversations, though. He makes birthday cakes, tucks you into bed and more. In one video, he reminds followers that no dad is perfect; in another, he highlights his reaction to his son coming out to him. He tells him, “I’ll love you just the same.”

Clayton also shares practical life skills that fathers teach their kids, including tying a tie, shaving, and more.

The next time you find yourself needing a bit of support, a dad joke, or even a kind smile, go to


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dinner with dad

Summer Clayton on TikTok

Summer Clayton on TikTok

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