Maceo Z. Keeling, Business Strategist and CEO of Asheville Business Accelerator. Photo: Urban News

Maceo Z. Keeling, Business Strategist and CEO of Asheville Business Accelerator. Photo: Urban News

Do Something Old Again

Maceo Z. Keeling, Business Strategist and CEO of Asheville Business Accelerator. Photo: Urban News
Maceo Z. Keeling, Business Strategist and CEO of Asheville Business Accelerator. Photo: Urban News
The Conscious Corner by Maceo Z. Keeling, Sr. –

If you find yourself repeating the mantra “been there done that,” then let me be the first to assure you that you are not doing enough.

My goal here is to offer suggestions on how to enrich your life experiences in spite of the current physical, mental, and spiritual threat(s) we face in our world today.

Personally, I consider the Covid-19 pandemic, financial instability, depression, and ignorance all to be a threat to our personal peace and joy. They are threatening our acceptance of what is happening and therefore asking us to suspend what is REAL.

Now, those issues are real, but they’re not like the day-to-day realities of work, home life, spending time with family, caring for your loved ones, even making and enjoying meals together! When we move farther away from reality as we perceive it, we move closer to emotional instability, fear, and chaos.

I am neither a scholar or professor, but I am a man who has gone through some life-changing events and learned many lessons in the process.

We do not need to search to find our joy: it is here. Peace and joy are intentional, and they help you determine how you decide to go through your day.

If you love international travel, and the global pandemic has put a damper on your trips, consider visiting some world-renowned places within our borders.

The Grand Canyon, the Napoli Coastline, and Yellowstone Park are all among the top 25 Natural Wonders of the World.

Feeling depressed and sluggish? Of course an exercise routine will help, like walking in the woods or riding a bike. For me that kind of exercise reminds me of fun times as a child (and a few spankings too, if I wandered too far!).

The point is that peace and joy are within our reach, whether we have money and leisure and time to travel, or seek it out, or not. Most of what we need is intentional, and it’s self-generated: it is our own self-centered peace and joy.

What about Covid-19, you ask? Well, do you have a grill, or an old album collection? Baseball cards or comic books you haven’t seen in years? Pull them out, not to remember the past, but to research their value—and possibly make some extra money! The research is like a treasure hunt and the activity will stimulate your mental activity.

Explore online apps like Facebook Marketplace and Ebay. You’ll be surprised at the prices some “old stuff” can bring. And selling those things you don’t need anymore, that’ll put a smile on your face and some “paper” in your pocket!

Got a storage unit or garage full of stuff you are not going to use? Have a garage sale! Here are some benefits:

  • Great social activity
  • Meet new people
  • Make some money
  • Clear out clutter and create space

Feeling like you’re just treading water? Pick up that old musical instrument you used to play! Dust off the piano keys and run some scales. Get out that alto sax and blow it. Tune up your high-school guitar … and practice, practice, practice! These exercises will not just exercise your fingers, arms, lungs, and posture, they’ll also stimulate mental alertness and ward off certain types of depression. You’ll even sleep better.

When was the last time you went to church? If you believe God is good, go tell HIM at the altar! Can’t get there, it’s a short commute to your bended knees. Can’t get down there, just lift him up in personal praise and worship! Can’t do it by yourself? Find a service on TV, or a Zoom-service from the church of your choice. Can’t talk? Just be still and silent and listen to your inner voice and know, “HE IS GOD.”

There is nothing in this article that hasn’t worked for someone I know, and most work for the majority of people. Change your mind and change your moments one at a time. Let your good intentions lead you to your peace and joy now!

Answer the call!


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