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Maceo Keeling - SCORE Member, Business Owner and Consultant. Photo: Urban News
Maceo Keeling – SCORE Member, Business Owner and Consultant. Photo: Urban News
The Conscious Corner by Maceo Keeling –

In my last column I offered advice to simply Believe.

Believe in yourself, and that you are enough—divinely created and developed. You are enough, and you are meant to thrive in abundance!

Believing in yourself builds your confidence and makes it easier for you to make sound judgments and rational decisions toward your goals. It also reduces your stress levels!

However, to evoke change we must resolve to change ourselves. You can do this better than anyone else, as we choose the scripts by which to live our lives.

In his book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People Steven Covey talks about the characteristics of achieving personal goals. He states that goals should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-Bound (SMART). Start with a clear intention in mind and allow yourself to undergo a paradigm shift.

The quintessence is that in order to be highly effective, you must find the balance between mind, body, and spirit to attain whatever it is you aspire to achieve.

In preparation for your goal-setting journey, get involved in activities that put you in the mind-set of goal-success. If you ask high-achieving people about their secrets to success, most often it’s the little things they do—every single day—that point them in the right direction and keep them headed there.

Practice gratitude

Write down ten things you’re grateful for. This practice provides perspective and shows that if you are alive how truly blessed you are. Knowing that things could be much worse helps you realize that certain issues you’re dealing with can be solved—and aren’t worth the energy spent worrying about them. This habit also puts you in a peaceful mood and a positive tone mentally. Consider something as simple as getting a good night’s sleep, eating well, and exercising.

Use time wisely

Second, make a schedule of times you plan to work on your goal(s) and what you want to achieve, and do this daily. Certainly, the “SMART” concept will help, but it’s up to you to apply these principles and develop the ‘habit’ of being consistent.

Plan activities that move you towards your chosen goal. Exploration and experimentation are part of the process: they are ways to attain knowledge and weigh the options around what works best for you.

Information is knowledge, so do your research and communicate with experienced people who share your vision. Doing this will help you discern what’s ideal for your goals.

Look at the opportunities for success, because if you are committed to moving forward you will not fail. You cannot fail. Failure is possible only if you give up or quit before you succeed! Today I invite you to go for it!

Begin small, then plan your goals with the SMART concept in mind.

Go for it! Answer the call.



“Vision Is Not Enough – Clarity is Vital to Achieve Your Goals.” Speaker Requests Contact (828) 989-6999.

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