Maceo Keeling - SCORE Member, Business Owner and Consultant. Photo: Urban News

Just Do It Now!

Maceo Keeling - SCORE Member, Business Owner and Consultant. Photo: Urban News
Maceo Keeling – SCORE Member, Business Owner and Consultant. Photo: Urban News
By Maceo Keeling –

Have you ever wondered what you could do if you had more time?

Are your priorities in line with your desires to do things you want to accomplish?

Believe it or not, wasted time is a very common occurrence, and I’m as guilty as the next person in this regard.

I have always wanted to play saxophone like a professional artist, but I have not made the commitment to the arduous practice it takes to become a virtuoso. Yes, we all want the gold medal, but not the hard work it takes to achieve it!

Why am I discussing time? Because time is not an issue when you are productive and focused toward a goal. Every moment invested is a step in the right direction.

The truth is, we only have power of time in the present—the rest is unpredictable. We cannot change the past and the future may not be. So the honest question we must address is, “If not now … when?”

You don’t have to prepare for change, it is happening already. You can be swept along in it, or help to create the change that you want to experience.

Nike’s slogan “Just Do It” comes close to the mark. However, I prefer “Just Do It Now!”

Here are some tips that have worked for me:

  • Turn off the television. (Cut back an hour a night at least).
  • Get up an hour earlier. (Make a plan and a purpose for your time).
  • Read 15 minutes before falling asleep. (Scriptures, self-help, culture, a good novel).
  • Exercise at least three times a week. (Improve your overall health and stamina).
  • Get out of the house. (New sights create new vision).
  • Get a hobby. (Brain food).
  • Drop a bad habit. (Free up wasted time).
  • Teach or attend a Stone Soup Communiversity class. (Each one, reach one, and teach one).

If you do a couple of the tips I suggest to you now, you immediately begin to build a foundation for more emotional security and better overall health.

Remember, you don’t have to be great to get started, but you do have to get started to become great!

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