Doctor Claims to Change Eye-Color From Brown to Blue

black_girl_blue_eyes.jpgA California doctor is developing the technology for a laser procedure that will turn brown eyes blue.

Dr. Gregg Homer of Stroma Medical says a 20-second procedure will remove the melanin pigment that gives brown eyes their color, making them permanently blue without affecting a patient’s eyesight.

Homer goes on to say that the majority of the world’s population has
brown eyes, and the number of blue-eyed people is decreasing in America.
But brown-eyed people have blue pigment in their irises, and a
treatment session under a specially-tuned laser can destroy the melanin
in the eye, gradually changing the iris color from brown to blue over a
two-week period. “However,” says Dr. Homer, “the procedure cannot change
blue eyes to brown.”

Homer says tests show no signs of tissue damage, but other ophthalmologists aren’t so confident about the procedure.

the meantime, those wishing to change the color of their eyes can look
to a temporary solution with colored contacts; which is why Homer has
worked to develop a more permanent solution. He expects to do another
year of testing before the technique becomes available outside of the
United States in less than two years, and within the United States in
three. The procedure will cost $5,000.