Buckeye Bridge, LLC – Invitation to Bid on Water Infrastructure Improvements

Buckeye Bridge, LLC
Invitation to Bid: Chambers Mountain Road Water Infrastructure Improvements
Town of Clyde, Haywood County, NC

Buckeye Bridge, LLC is soliciting quotes for the CDBG-I Block Grant Project No. 15-I-3083, Chambers Mountain Road Water in Haywood County, NC.

Bidding September 9, 2021, for DBE/MBE/WBE, certified subcontractors and suppliers for Paving and Suppliers of Pipe and Stone.

Bid Documents are available for review at Buckeye Bridge office, 654 Buckeye Cove Rd., Canton, NC; Town of Clyde, Haywood County, NC; and McGill Engineers, 55 Broad Street, Asheville NC during normal business hours.

Considerations will be made to all interested DBE/MBE/WBE parties with respect to breaking down or combining elements of work to facilitate participation, negotiating in good faith with interested firms, and will not reject any firm as unqualified without sound reasons based on capabilities.

We will provide assistance to qualified businesses in obtaining the necessary bonding and insurance to meet the requirements of the project. Buckeye Bridge, LLC will consider a quick pay agreement with MBE-HUB-SECTION 3 subs to enable subcontractors to meet cash flow demands.

Anyone interested should contact Shane Herbert at 828-648-4511 or by email at [email protected].

If emailing, please reference the project name in the subject line. Non-DBE & WBE subs and suppliers are encouraged to include second or third tiers MBE and WBE subs and suppliers in their quotes. All quotes should be at Buckeye’s office no later than 5:00 p.m. the day before the bid, by FAX 828-665-9374 or email to [email protected].

Please contact Shane Herbert with any questions related to these projects.

CDBG project requirements: Section 3 of the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968 requires that economic opportunities generated by certain HUD financially assisted housing and community development programs shall, to the greatest extent feasible, be given to low and very low-income persons, particularly those who are recipients of government assistance for the house, and to businesses that provide economic opportunities for these persons.

This information is available in Spanish or any other language upon request. Please contact Shane Herbert at 828-648-4511 or at 654 Buckeye Cove Road, Canton, NC.

Buckeye Bridge, LLC is an equal opportunity employer.