Chief Justice Beasley

Restoration of Courthouse Operations

Chief Justice Beasley

Buncombe Courts are beginning to expand operations.

Chief Justice Beasley reiterates we must continue to provide justice through our courts while balancing safety for the public and employees. Many of the matters that were postponed, including landlord/tenant matters, will begin again on June 1, 2020. Courts will continue to utilize remote technologies for processing cases and for those cases that require court appearances it is strongly recommended the usage of masks.

There may be a substantial backlog of cases and they will prioritized in the order of seriousness, age, and readiness for court.

Jury trials are suspended through the month of July. If you have been summoned for jury duty you will not have to serve in the months of June or July with the exception of the grand jury.

Marc Shimberg has been appointed COVID-19 coordinator for Buncombe courts. The courts will be following all necessary safety protocols.

The DA’s office will prioritize domestic violence, driving while impaired, and class A1 misdemeanors for prosecution. If you are charged with these crimes you must come to court, if you fail to come to court, they will ask judges to issue an order for your arrest.

Visit if you have a question about a court date or call 259-3410 for assistance.

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