Sandra Kilgore

Message from Sandra Kilgore, City Council Candidate

Sandra Kilgore
Sandra Kilgore

As a native of Asheville, I know many of you and your families personally.

My relationship with all of you is the community relationship. Together we can work hard to make measurable improvements in our respective neighborhoods. My personal commitment to you is to use wisdom to deliver my best effort in addressing the community’s agenda, and not just the desires of a select few.

Like any city that has great leadership, we are experiencing “growing pains” of sorts. Our mountains, sunsets, national forests, river ways, and people are among the most beautiful on Earth. To ensure that Asheville lives up to its fullest potential, each of us are called to contribute in whatever manner we can. I need you to help me by knocking on doors, phone banking, putting out signs, and providing friendly greetings at polling sites. Of course, any donations would also be greatly appreciated. Most importantly, you can contribute with your VOTE! This is your right and it is our duty to insure inclusion, equity, and care within Asheville and our country as a whole. It is for this reason and only this, that I choose to offer my service to you as an Asheville City Council member.

I presently hold a seat on the Planning and Zoning Commission, which has given me insight into many of the concerns of the community. The challenges of homelessness, unemployment, miseducation, affordable housing, living wages, and providing a voice for you, the people of my hometown, are the fuel of my resolve to earn your vote for city council.

Committed to Caring for the Community

Sandra Kilgore’s 4 “C” approach to problem solving includes listening to her community.
She will collaborate with people in the community who will be directly impacted by the Council’s decisions. She will coordinate action and activities to move toward the agreed upon solutions. She will cooperate with stakeholders to get the broadest and best results for all. Finally, Sandra insists that results and outcomes are clearly communicated to all we serve. She emphasizes outreach to the most underserved of our larger community.

Sandra’s Four “C” Solution

  • Collaboration
  • Coordination
  • Cooperation
  • Communication

Who is Sandra Elaine Kilgore?

Sandra Kilgore is the daughter of John and Azalee Kilgore. She was reared in a very modest and loving home where her parents valued and insisted that she and her siblings were respectful, kind to their elders, and were civic minded. Sandra’s childhood home was on Pine Grove Avenue, and perhaps it is the love of her neighborhood that motivated her to purchase a building and establish her real estate business a few short blocks away from where she often played as a child.

It is no surprise that she started her own business, as she was very enterprising as a young girl. She cleaned houses, baby-sat, worked at Ingles, Sears, and held a litany of other jobs during her school years to earn honest income.

With decades of work experience, including Piedmont/British Airways/US Airways Airlines as a flight attendant, and leadership in her own real estate company, Sandra has a proven passion to help people realize their goals and find solutions.

Sandra has a son, John Christian, who plays an essential role in her campaign. In the spirit of her parents before her, she teaches him the importance of mentoring youth, while still maintaining the oath of “good to the old is better than gold,” a quote often used by her father.

Your Vote Is Your Voice

Your voice is the only instrument that was given to us by our creator. We have the ability to use our voice in a number of different ways. We can sing praises, whisper, shout, argue, communicate, negotiate, and pray.

Our country continues to wrestle with the evils of our society: poverty, war, and discrimination. Poverty includes homelessness and unemployment. War can be defined as civil, national, and international conflict, including mass shootings, community unrest, attacks on foreign soil and domestic terrorism. Discrimination is summarized as the institutional disenfranchisement of peoples, the inequity that exists in the distribution of goods and services, as well as the disparity that is still apparent in the lack of opportunity and representation within our foundations. There is still progress to be made; there are still solutions to be had.

There is one instrument that has the pitch and power to break the glass ceiling of these evils. It is our voice!

This is the season to let your voice ring out in the form of your VOTE! This election season, let your intention and action speak for you. You have a voice and a vote. Nothing is greater than our collective voice in unison through the form of our hard earned, hard fought VOTE!

Voting Schedule

2020 Primary Election
Early Voting Feb. 13-29
Election Day Nov. 3

2020 General Election
Early Voting Oct. 15-31
Election Day Nov. 3

Cast Your VOTE!

For more information, please visit
Send a donation to: 92 Congress Street, Asheville, NC 28801

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