Julián Castro has dropped out of the race for president. Photo: Robin Jerstad

Julián Castro Endorses Elizabeth Warren

Julián Castro has dropped out of the race for president. Photo: Robin Jerstad

Julián Castro, who dropped out of the 2020 presidential race last week, has endorsed Elizabeth Warren.

In a video posted on Twitter, Castro stated that, “There’s one candidate I see who’s unafraid to fight like hell to make sure America’s promise will be there for everyone, will make sure that no matter where you live in America or where your family came from in the world — you have a path to opportunity, too.”

Castro ended his campaign after struggling for months to gain the traction needed to be a top-tier candidate, despite often being the first in the field to champion certain progressive causes.

Elizabeth Warren on the issues

  • Wealth tax: Proposed 2% tax on wealth exceeding $50 million and 3% tax on wealth above $1 billion.
  • Green New Deal: Co-sponsor.
  • College debt: Proposed eliminating $640 billion in student debt and free public college, funded by her wealth tax proposal.
  • Medicare For All: Co-sponsored Bernie Sanders’ bill in 2017.
  • Economic patriotism: Her plan for “creating and defending good American jobs” leans on green manufacturing and industrial policy for clean energy.
  • Capitalism: Identifies as a “Democrat capitalist,” rather than a “Democratic socialist,” and told Pod Save America she sees “the value of markets … if they have rules.”
  • Big Tech: Proposed breaking up Google, Facebook and Amazon, prohibiting companies with over $25 billion in revenue from acting as operators and users of a platform and installing regulators to break up already-closed mergers.
  • Corporate tax: Proposed a 7% tax on companies’ profits over $100 million.
  • Marijuana: Co-sponsor of Cory Booker’s Marijuana Justice Act to legalize weed federally.
  • Electoral college: Supports replacing electoral college with a national popular vote.
  • Presidential prosecution: Proposed letting the DOJ indict sitting presidents.
  • Criminal justice: Proposed banning private prisons and repealing the 1994 crime bill.
  • Public lands: Proposed requiring more electricity generation from renewable sources and ending drilling offshore and on public lands.
  • Abortion: Proposed a 4-part plan to protect reproductive rights.
  • Opioid crisis: Proposed a 10-year, $100 billion plan to fund first responders, public health departments and states for prevention and rehabilitation services.
  • HBCUs: Proposed investing $50 billion in HBCUs.
  • Climate change: Wants to require the Pentagon to reach net-zero carbon emissions on noncombat bases by 2030.
  • Voting rights: Proposed mandates for federal elections to protect rights and security.
  • Immigration: Wants to repeal law that criminalizes unauthorized border crossings.
  • Foreign policy: Wants to expand the State Department and end granting ambassadorships to donors.
  • Trade: Countries must meet specific standards as a precondition for any trade agreement.
  • Private equity: Proposed a bill that would kill much of the leveraged buyout industry.
  • Support for Native Americans: Looks to address issues ranging from economic development to restoring tribal sovereignty.
  • Gun reform: Calls for federal assault weapons ban and universal background checks.
  • Clean energy: Add additional $1 trillion onto Gov. Jay Inslee’s 10-year plan to achieve 100% clean energy.
  • Environmental Justice: Plans to address the disproportionate pollution burdens that the poor and communities of color often face.
  • Blue new deal: Pushing for oceanic plans to speed up offshore wind projects, expand marine sanctuaries, and bolster use of oceans to soak up carbon emissions.

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