Make a Difference!

be a local leaderThe City of Asheville has openings on several public boards and committees, many of which are of crucial importance to the city’s black, Hispanic, and low-income residents.

You can make a difference by making your voice heard, and help make our city a better place to live for all our citizens. The deadline for applications for these openings is Monday, June 3 at 5 p.m.

Heritage, Housing, Safety, and Transportation

Protecting Asheville’s African American Heritage, the state of public housing, residents’ relations with the Asheville Police Department, and what the city needs in public transportation are just four of the important commissions with current openings.

African American Heritage Commission

Duties include, but are not limited to: (1) develop a plan to identify, create, encourage, promote and implement projects that will recognize, increase and expand the awareness of the contributions of African Americans throughout the City-County area; (2) create plans to identify and recognize sites in the community that are significant to African American history; (3) encourage and promote economic activity related to the African American community; and (4) propose other projects that are consistent with the goals of the Commission.

Housing Authority

(Mayoral appointment) – The Commissioners are the policy-makers and governing body of the Housing Authority. They review and approve all budgets for the Department of Housing and Urban Development, approve plans and specifications, award contracts and appoint the Executive Director.

Citizens Police Advisory Committee

(1) Serve as liaison between the police and community over concerns; (2) help mediate problems or conflicts; (3) advocate for programs, ideas, and methods to improve the relationship between the police and the community; and (4) disseminate information to the community and government officials.

Multimodal Transportation Commission

Duties: (1) recommend policies for multimodal transportation planning and education; (2) assist with the development of a multimodal transportation system; and (3) assist with the implementation of best management practices for educating the public on the benefits of multimodal transportation. Current vacancies include: transit interest, greenway interest, and bike & pedestrian interest. Please indicate demonstrated interest and qualifications on the application form.

Justice and Equity

Two other essential boards focus on the rights, benefits, and opportunities for all residents, and allow for the community to have a say in dealing with justice and equity for both public employees and the general population.

Civil Service Board

The Board works with the Human Resources Department to resolve employee grievances on an as-needed basis, as well as meets periodically to discuss personnel administration issues.

Human Relations Commission of Asheville

Duties: (1) Make policy recommendations to the City Council which promote and improve human relations and advance equity in the City; (2) support the City’s Office of Equity and Inclusion; (3) provide a forum where residents can raise issues and complaints relating to human relations in the City; (4) engage the community regarding the utilization of City-funded programs and policies for the promotion of human relations; and (5) promote and improve human relations and advance equity in the following areas: public safety; educational, art and cultural opportunities; economic development; health and human services; and housing. Eligible applicants are required to submit a Human Relations Commission Form, in addition to the Boards and Commission application.

Quality of Life

Three other boards deal with the quality of life in our community, and a broader demographic spectrum of voices and perspectives could help change the view of Asheville as a haven for elitists, wealthy retirees, and free-spending tourists.

Historic Resources Commission

Duties: (1) recommend to City Council and County Commissioners historic districts and landmarks; (2) restoring, preserving and operating historic properties; (3) recommend to City Council and County Commissioners that designation of historic districts to be revoked or removed for cause; and (4) review and act upon proposals for alterations, demolitions, or new construction within historic districts, or for alteration or demolition of designated landmarks. Members shall have a demonstrated special interest, experience or education in history, archeology, architecture or related fields.

Neighborhood Advisory Committee

(1) Develop a plan to strengthen neighborhood identity and resilience, and to facilitate communication and cooperation between Asheville’s neighborhoods and City offices; (2) develop benchmarks and standards by which progress towards implementing the plan can be measured; and (3) work on special projects that are consistent with the goals of the committee, as assigned or directed by Council.

Public Art And Cultural Commission

The Commission is responsible for promoting and maintaining art displays in public buildings and public spaces in the City of Asheville. The commission (1) facilitates public art in public buildings and public spaces; (2) engages the creative sector as a major attraction for artists, cultural tourism and economic development; (3) encourages public confidence for and appreciation of the arts in Asheville; and (4) works to build partnerships and collaborations throughout Asheville’s creative community.

Visit the City’s Boards and Commissions webpage or contact the City Clerk’s Office at 259-5839 or for an application form.


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