SILSA students are empowered to contribute to their community with collaboration, leadership, and respect. Photo: Renato Rotolo/Urban News

SILSA’s Glitter Sisters Call to Action

The Glitter Sisters meet weekly to discuss mindfulness, campus resources, and leadership.

Lydia MacNair
Hailey Ellis
Aysia Ferguson
Lizzy McDowell
Jamya McMorris
Malaysia Barber
Zion Mosley
Portia Carter
Empress-Imani Hackett

Nicole Cush, principal of Asheville’s School of Inquiry and Life Sciences, has a goal to get every Glitter Sister a mentor from outside the educational system, among people in the community.

“Most of these girls don’t want to be in education, but in technical fields, medicine, and so forth. They’re smart, and they’re driven. And while we have wonderful teachers, staff, and counselors here who have signed on to assist, they need people from out in the community to invest their time and energy in being a mentor to these girls.”

What would the mentors do? Cush says she wants to find “women who have a passion to help. Women who can answer these girls’ questions. Like, What school would you recommend if I want to study this? What would be a good career path? What did you do to achieve your goals?”

So Cush is asking the Asheville community to put boots on the ground. “If you say you really care about kids, give me two to four hours per month. Invest time to engage in email exchanges, text messages, phone conversations, or face-to-face sit downs with these girls. Put yourself out there to be a champion for one girl, to help her achieve in her area of interest or in her career pursuits.”

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