Vlogs are popular on YouTube.

Turn Any Passion or Hobby Into a Successful Vlog

Vlogs are popular on YouTube.
By Sabrina Fuller –

Vlogging has become a popular trend among upcoming YouTubers as well as audiences wanting to enjoy the atmosphere of camera lighting.

Different types of vlogging consist of comedy, beauty, education, lifestyle, and review.

Vlogging is a type of blog expressed as video from a camera. Nowadays, you can turn any passion or hobby into a successful vlog. One major element of vlogging is the spontaneous activity; as a vlogger you cannot be fearful about speaking to your camera in public.

Other factors that produce an eminent vlog are views, the audience, and the content.

Views are important because the higher the numbers the more you are seen; not only that, but that is how Youtubers are paid.

Content is what makes your channel yours: it develops your own consistent theme.

The audience is comprised of individuals who make your channel more popular and produce more views!

The audience has the same function in both vlogging and blogging. Lifestyle vlogger Casey Neistat says, “By virtue of it being a vlog, everything is kinda behind the scenes.” In other words, there is no edited script or writing, unlike a blog.

Simply said, “Similar to a blog post, the intent behind a vlog is to engage your audience,” according to vlogger Francesca and others. The main difference between vlogging and blogging is how their popularity is reached by social media.

Blogging has prospered amid rising writers producing stories about travel, review, personal issues, niche interests, professional subjects, etc. Originality, quality, and the reader together create a triumphant blog.

Originality offers the readers something “new,” therefore gaining a stronger platform for their idea.

Quality is expressed through blogs by how much effort was put into the post.

The reader supports the blog and what is being put out there in turn gaining more VIEWS.

Individuals who love to express themselves through words rather than actions can create their own blog. The only way to learn is to start. The minimalists say, “We’ve learned a ton of lessons during our ascent to 4 million readers. Minimalism is the thing that gets us past the things so we can make room for life’s important things—which aren’t things at all.” Their blog focuses on ideas rather than apparatus, which is a major part of vlogging.

Blogging and vlogging both have influence within social media, although their science and principles differ, reflecting their personalities and their passion.

If you wish to create your own vlog or blog channel, encourage yourself to dive into the web. Don’t be afraid to share your life if you chose to: You only live once!



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