Captain Fantastic Pinball Machine at the Appalachian Pinball Museum in Hendersonville, NC.

Artifacts & Games Bring Present-Day Fun!

By Sabrina, Teen-Beat Reporter –

Today’s generation has grown up with so much modern technology.

So what are the drawbacks of “new-technology games” as compared to the old? Computer games are a form of realism, videos of abstract play, and technological calculations of the unknown using programmed options, algorithms, and cyber-input. Simply put, it’s virtual and not real; moves are left up to the computer.

Captain Fantastic Pinball Machine at the Appalachian Pinball Museum in Hendersonville, NC.

In contrast, manually operated Pinball machines, which are seen as “artifacts,” are real hands-on fun—and a thrill to play! Because they are manually operated, the player has real control over the power of each shot, and that power determines the way the balls hit their targets. The movements are not virtual but real, three-dimensional, and players can use physics—gravity, friction, Newton’s Laws of Motion—to improve their game.

Better yet, it’s totally exciting to see the lights blinking and hear the bells ringing; these sensory stimuli make you want to be engaged no matter your age!

At the Pinball Museum in Hendersonville, NC, individuals from around the area share information about what games they like to play on these classic machines. The owner, John French, constructs and repairs the machines, and wishes more teens would come through the Pinball Museum. He says jokingly that “teens don’t press so hard on the buttons!”

These lovingly restored pinball machines are for all of us—not just the generations that spent their youths using this manual technology. And as much fun as playing the machines, the Pinball Arcade spurs conversation and socialization, and allows each of us to find our own niche among games.

The Pinball museum is located on 538 N. Main Street in Hendersonville. (828) 702-9277;