Scientists have discovered a “strange and persistent” radio signal from a far-off galaxy that sounds like a heartbeat. It is classified as a fast radio burst (FRB).

The astrophysical origins of FRBs are unknown but this newly discovered signal is particularly far reaching. It’s is believed by some that this highly unusual signal has been intentionally sent forth throughout the known universe by a being called B4 (aka Billy Bob Bo Bob) — an interstellar traveling griot, or alien, whose been curating and collecting the purest expression, or “vibes”, and broadcasting them outwards for millennia.

Be Who You Are by Jon Batiste

No one knows why or how but one thing is certain: this broadcast will change you if you find a way to tune into it. Most recently, we find B4 on the planet Earth, and his signal now bears the name World Music Radio.

This astrophysical musical journey taps into an elusive energetic frequency called “The Vibe” – an auditory experience emitting a wave of bliss, inspiration and the ultimate connection. And where this frequency can metaphysically transport you to Saturday night. Even if it’s Tuesday morning.

Boom For Real by Jon Batiste

B4 uses the “vibe machine” to time travel, blend different vibes together in real time and broadcast throughout the universe. The “B4 headphone” helps detect the highest level frequencies so we can locate top energy fields on whatever planet he is on. These high frequencies emanate from beings, places and things, sometimes hidden from mass awareness.

World Music Radio stars Batiste as interstellar traveling griot/DJ Billy Bob Bo Bob (a.k.a. B4) who examines popular music from around the globe on a radio broadcast from Earth to the rest of the universe.

The album features a wide range of musical styles and artists, including guest appearances by JID, NewJeans, Camilo, Jon Bellion, Fireboy DML, Kenny G, Lil Wayne, Leigh-Anne, and Lana Del Rey.

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