Question Bridge: Black Males

Question Bridge: Black Males

Question Bridge: Black Males

Question Bridge: Black Males
Question Bridge: Black Males

An intimate experience that provides new opportunities for understanding and healing.

Question Bridge: Black Males explores critically challenging issues within the African American male community. Black men across geographic, economic, generational, educational, and social strata of American society share answers to questions that divide, unite, and puzzle Black males today in the United States.

Question Bridge originated in 1996, when artist Chris Johnson (born 1948) was looking for a way to use new-media art to generate meaningful conversation around class and generational divisions within San Diego’s African American community. Mediated through the lens of a video camera, 10 members of the Black community were provided a format to openly express their deeply felt beliefs and values through candid question-and-answer exchanges. None of the questions or answers were prompted.

Over the course of four years, Johnson, along with fellow artists Hank Willis Thomas, Bayete ross Smith, and kamal Sinclair—all born in 1976—traveled the nation collecting questions and answers from over 150 Black men in eight cities (New York, Chicago, Oakland, San Francisco, Birmingham, Atlanta, New Orleans, and Philadelphia) that comprise a video catalog of 1,500 exchanges. Within this extended community, surprising insights and new possibilities for witnessing our common humanity emerge.

This documentary-style video installation will be on view through March 15, 2021 at the Asheville Art Museum, 2 South Pack Square in downtown Asheville. For more details, call (828) 253-3227 or visit

Explore the project online at


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