Hillsborough Writing Program

Her Story Garden Studios is a well-established literary program in Hillsborough, NC, that focuses on developing and supporting black writers.

With programs, workshops, contests, and trainings throughout the year, founder and director Zelda Lockhart—herself an accomplished writer—brings her skills and empathy to helping other black writers, especially women, develop their talent.

Lockhart describes contemporary life—cultural, political, personal, private, and public—as “the whirling of people, places, and things [that] present an opportunity to sit still, reach up into the swirling atmosphere and grab something that’s usually out of your reach.” She offers an opportunity “to make literary art” of all that chaos at a Write-In to be held on Nov. 17 at the Hillsborough Studios. Participants work to develop their stories, and then read their work at the Winter Stage and Studio on December 8, 2018—or submit the work to Firefly Ridge’s 2019 issue published by LaVenson Press.

Lockhart is a credentialed Registered Expressive Arts Consultant and Educator (REACE) from the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association. The association is a professional organization of expressive arts therapy practitioners around world who recognize that “the arts are beneficial in helping us to know ourselves, heal ourselves, and build connections and community.” The credentialing process recognizes Lockhart’s life-long commitment to that shared mission.

For more details about the Write-In, please contact zelda@zeldalockhart.com.

Literary Competition Open to All Writers

The Firefly Ridge Literary Magazine’s “Voices of Women of Color” literary competition is now open. The deadline is November 30, 2018. This year’s final judge is Kim Gaubault McCrae, author of Dust Bunnies and Sparrows: A Poetic Liberation from/through Domestic Violence.

The winning piece will be published in Firefly Ridge Literary Magazine, and the author will receive an honorarium of $100. All submissions will be considered for publication in the 2019 issue released Jan. 2019; the winner will be announced at Her Story Garden Studios’ Winter Stage & Studio Fundraiser Dec. 8, 2018.

For submission guidelines visit www.facebook.com/LaVensonPressStudios.