Adriana Chavela

Adriana Chavela. Photo: Renato Rotolo/Urban News

Resilience in Times of Adversity

Adriana Chavela spoke no English when she reunited with her parents in 2003. Her father, a retired airline pilot for AeroMexico, decided to make western North Carolina their home.

For immigrants from any foreign land, navigating unfamiliar territory can be an overwhelmingly daunting task.

“Imagine arriving in the United States and unable to speak English,” said Adrianna. “For me, not speaking English was problematic in getting a job, making friends, or even doing basic tasks like buying food. However, in times of struggle, having a resilient spirit becomes an asset which transforms challenges into opportunities.”

For more than a decade, Adriana Chavela has served as a diversity consultant to many business leaders. Her consulting assignments focus on Latinos in America, entrepreneurship, career advancement, and marketing diversity management. She has appeared on television and radio as a commentator and expert on Latino communities and culture.

“As we look to the future, it’s imperative that we recognize that each American demographic faces a different and unique challenge. It is important that we acknowledge our diverse perspectives and craft solutions emerging from an inclusive and thoughtful discourse,” said Adriana.

To understand the challenges that many people encounter, Adriana founded the Hola Community Arts, an innovative social enterprise that gives critical voice to the Latinx community. Hola Community Arts brings people together to build stronger and more economically vibrant communities through strategic programs that celebrate cultural diversity with related educational and outreach activities.

Whether it be people or circumstances, most of us can relate to encountering roadblocks in life that are difficult, unfair, or even devastating at times. At the end of the day, what most people really want is to feel understood and to be loved.

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