City Seeks Nominees for Neighborhood Hero Award

Many things make a good neighborhood: sidewalks, shady trees and manageable car traffic come to mind.

But most of all, it’s the people who take time to know each other, who care about the health, safety, and rights of their neighbors, who help and look out for children, elders, and others in need. These are the neighbors who show they care by maintaining their homes, gardens, and public spaces, who participate and are connected to organizations that focus on neighborhoods.

And these are the extraordinary people the City of Asheville wants to honor as the Neighborhood Advisory Committee seeks submissions to recognize individuals or groups who have made a difference in their neighborhood during 2018. The recipient(s) will be recognized at an Asheville City Council meeting and featured in the neighborhood news throughout the year.

To identify an outstanding person or group and nominate them for Asheville’s Neighborhood Hero Award, ask if there is someone who makes a difference in your neighborhood, an unsung hero deserving recognition, or someone who made your neighborhood a better place to live in 2018.

Past recipients have included Renée White, President of the East End/Valley Street Neighborhood Association, 2018, and Steve Mitchell, known as Mr. Malvern Hills, 2017.

Every neighborhood has a unique identity, its own treasured history, culture, and values. Each is a social experiment about living together, and each has successes and noble failures that we can all learn from. Successes can be as complicated as organizing an entire neighborhood, or as simple as clearing a sidewalk of vegetation. Your nomination should share information about any project that helped your neighborhood, and the people behind it.

To nominate a deserving recipient before the deadline of Jan. 31, visit, or contact Neighborhood & Community Engagement Manager Brenda Mills at (828) 259-5506 or email