President Biden on Preserving Democracy

Biden says Trump will launch ‘assault on democracy’ if re-elected.

Speaking at Montgomery County Community College in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, near Valley Forge, Biden asked the question, “is democracy still America’s sacred cause?,” underscoring his 2024 campaign’s theme of the importance of preserving democracy.

President Biden delivered a speech marking the anniversary of the Jan. 6 Capitol riot on January 5, 2024.

President Joe Biden slammed former President Donald Trump’s attempt to overturn the 2020 election and his refusal to denounce political violence, especially after the January 6 insurrection. Biden said he will not let Trump and “MAGA Republicans” force the United States to “walk away from democracy.”

Biden emphasized in his speech, Trump has made clear in his campaign, which the former president opened with a video of the insurrection, that his “assault on democracy isn’t just part of his past—it’s what he’s promising for the future. He’s been straightforward. He’s not hiding the ball.”

“The guy who claims law and order stands for lawlessness and disorder,” he added. “Trump’s not concerned about your future, I promise you. Trump is now promising a full scale campaign of revenge and retribution, his words, for some years to come.”

“America, as we began this election year, we must be clear: Democracy is on the ballot. Your freedom is on the ballot. Yes, we’ll be voting on many issues and the freedom to vote and have your vote counted. The freedom of choice. Freedom to have a fair shot. A freedom from fear. We will debate, disagree. Without democracy, no progress is possible. Think about it. The alternative to democracy is dictatorship.”

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