Health Careers Summer Camp

Applications are available for the 2019 Health Careers Summer Camp. 

A residential camp will be held June 23-26 in Asheville with students housed at UNCA. There will be daily workshops, networking opportunities and presentations at UNCA and MAHEC centered on healthcare careers. This camp is for rising juniors and seniors.

Students will experience MAHEC’s new state-of-the-art Simulation Center and deliver a baby, practice CPR and intubation, push medications, monitor “real” patients, and more. They will shadow professionals working in MAHEC Family Medicine, Ob/Gyn, and/or Sports Medicine. They will see real patients and work with real physicians. They will dissect a heart with an experienced Cardiac Care practitioner.

Local physicians, residents, and professional students will meet with students enrolled in the summer camp program to discuss their career paths and the beauties of practicing medicine in Western North Carolina. Fun activities will be provided for students in the evening, including swimming, games, and a night at the Trampoline Park.

The best part—it’s all free! There is no cost to the student to attend this camp.

If you know of a student or students interested in a health career in the future (including but not limited to physician, physician assistant, dentist, nurse practitioner, surgeon, pharmacist, physical therapy, etc.), please let them know about this opportunity and encourage them to apply. This camp is specifically designed with rural high school students in mind, and we are so excited to meet each and every student.

The application can be accessed at this Google docs link and is due by February 4th, 2019.

If you have any questions, or would like to complete an application, please contact or email!