About Mount Zion Community Development, Inc.

Mount Zion Community Development, Inc. is committed to continue enacting lasting community change by securing additional funding to address health inequities.

Since 1997 MZCD has provided exemplary service to individuals and families by championing efforts to bridge the gaps between agencies and programs, thereby helping families and communities to benefit from efficiencies gained. This need is met and enhanced through collaborative planning and resource sharing to bridge the gaps of unmet needs.

MZCD will continue to advocate for improvements in maternal and child health, youth, and teen services and beyond by being a visible presence in the community and by speaking out to keep service needs on the table; realizing that no single organization or single sector alone can solve community needs or problems.

MZCD is represented by well-known and well-respected accountants and attorneys: Roberts & Stevens, Attorneys at Law; Corliss & Solomon, PLLC, CPA for accounting and audit purposes; Tamara Molis for bookkeeping services (also a CPA); and Automatic Data Processing (ADP). A national automated accounting firm, handles the payroll, files payroll reports, and provides tax filing services. MZCD’s Board of Directors was initially trained and organized by the F.A. Johnson Consulting Group, Atlanta, Georgia.

Mount Zion Community Development
47 Eagle St., Asheville, NC 28801
(828) 776-1428