Diverse crowd group of people wearing medical masks

Wear Your Mask

Diverse crowd group of people wearing medical masks Posted by Morel Bliss –

To all my friends who think this is all over (or who never thought it even happened in the first place).

I know things didn’t get that bad here in Knoxville and it seems like this whole thing has been overblown.

A lot of us don’t even personally know anyone who has been sick or died. We’re all tired of this “new normal”—TRUST ME. No one wants to have to stay home or wear masks everywhere they go until the end of time, no one wants schools to look/feel like prisons, no one wants summer vacations or sports to be cancelled, or for small businesses to go under or for people to not be able to earn an income.

No one likes to be told what they can or can’t do. We all want our old life back. But pretending this is all over or that it was all a hoax (or that it will “magically go away” on November 4) will not make this go away.

Never in recorded history has there been a pandemic that did not have a second wave that dwarfed the first in terms of severity and the number of deaths. Never. Not once. Not this time either. It will return in September or October (or earlier?) in full force. And Knoxville may not be as lucky then.

So, even though there are some attractive narratives floating about on FB, that masks are unnecessary/dangerous or that we no longer need to wear them, that this virus isn’t nearly as deadly/contagious as they wanted us to believe, that really not as many people have suffered/died as they’re telling us, that it’s really just the flu, or more people die from other diseases, or that we take similar risks all the time, like by driving our cars.

I could go on and on. Keep in mind that these people are telling you what you want to hear and they’re making you think you are “woke” to what’s really going on if you believe their narrative. It’s what we all want to hear and believe instead of accepting the reality and doing what we need to do to stop this virus in its tracks.

We all want to believe this isn’t real and that it’s really not going to hurt us or our loved ones (I really wish this were true), that we don’t really need to wear masks or continue to social distance. We can just pretend that none of this is real and it will all just go away. tRump would like you to believe this, as well.

But, if we do not continue to remain vigilant, if we let our guard down, we WILL be sitting ducks when this second wave hits. And it WILL hit, especially as more and more people have already stopped wearing masks, have started leaving their homes more, and are trying to resume their old lives again. This is a defense mechanism. It’s called denial.

I get it, life is hard right now. There’s a lot of uncertainty. Everything is downright scary. And we are ALL living in fear right now, not just the ones wearing the masks. Some people’s fear just manifests into conspiracy theories and denial. So please stay focused, y’all, and be smart.

Automatically believing and doing the opposite of what scientists are telling you does not make you a “critical thinker” or that you’re “thinking for yourself.” Nor does following the recommendations of scientists make you “obedient” or “sheeple.” I’m genuinely concerned about all my friends who are getting sucked into these misleading and dangerous narratives and who have stopped taking this seriously, and how many of my friends will not be prepared when this second wave hits.

So please, take a deep breath and know this “new normal” isn’t forever, but, the longer we try to pretend it doesn’t exist, the longer it will be here and the closer and more deadly this second wave may be when it hits. Count your blessings and wear your mask.

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