Dial NC 2-1-1

As a result of the unprecedented Coronavirus/COVID, we have seen the need to provide our community with a list of resources that have been vetted and known to be true.

The COVID-19 pandemic is uncharted territory with resources and recommendations changing daily. Plenty of inaccurate info is making the rounds on social media. NC 2-1-1 is our trusted source to connect Buncombe County residents with vetted, real-time info related to food, shelter, energy assistance, housing, parenting resources and childcare, health care, and much more.

Connect in any language and TDD/TTY 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

💻 Online: nc211.org

☎️ Dial 2-1-1 to connect in any language and TDD/TTY 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

📱 Sign up for updates by texting COVIDNC to 898-211

➡️ More info: www.unitedwayabc.org/covid-19-community-resources-buncombe-county

La pandemia de COVID-19 es territorio inexplorado con recursos y recomendaciones que cambian a diario. Hay mucha información incorrecta en las redes sociales. NC 2-1-1 es nuestro recurso de confianza para conectar a los residentes de Buncombe County con información aprobada y actualizada relacionada a la comida, refugios, asistencia de energía, alojamiento, recursos para los padres y guarderías, y mucho más.

💻 Online: nc211.org

☎️ Llame al 2-1-1 para conectarse en cualquier idioma y TTD/TTY las 24 horas del día, todos los días

📱 Envíe el texto COVIDNC al 898-211 para incribirse para noticias

➡️ Más información: www.unitedwayabc.org/covid-19-community-resources-buncombe-county

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