Congressman John Lewis

Congressman John Lewis

We Need a Troublemaker to Run for President

Someone who is informed, levelheaded, persuasive, and rational.

John Lewis
John Lewis believed in “good trouble” as a way to build community and fight injustice.
By Ebony Emerson –

In today’s world of politics, there is a need for someone who can captivate and engage the masses.

A smart, well-spoken individual with a knack for entertaining and amusing the public. We need an iconic figure who possesses a sense of humor and the intelligence to know when to use it. Someone who is hardworking, knowledgeable, sharp-witted, and well-informed.

The only reason Trump is popular is because he puts on a good show. We never knew what he was going to say or do. And our average American was more than happy to side with him. He did, indeed, represent masses of the population—those who are still waiting to strike it rich, become well-known influencers, or reality TV stars. They can’t wait to get back at all the folks they hate—those who are sensible, hardworking, kind, and educated, you know, everything they won’t ever be.

Imagine a candidate who breaks away from the traditional mold—an articulate speaker or writer turned politician who knows how to entertain us while providing commonsense feedback. This individual would bring diversity and a fresh perspective to the table, appealing to a wider range of voters.

We need someone who is willing to cause “good trouble.” With their unique blend of charisma and wit, this troublemaker-turned-president would shake up the political landscape. They would challenge conventional norms and offer innovative solutions to complex issues.

Take a look at the qualities and characteristics exhibited by notable leaders throughout history. Donald Trump, known for the reality TV show The Apprentice, brought a unique perspective to the presidency. His ability to connect with voters and address their concerns resonated with many Americans.

Barack Obama’s ability to inspire hope and bring about positive change, and Jimmy Carter’s emphasis on human rights and diplomacy showcased a commitment to global peacekeeping. John F. Kennedy’s charisma and vision for progress captivated the nation during his presidency.

Ronald Reagan is often praised for his effective communication skills and ability to inspire the nation. His unwavering commitment to conservative principles earned him widespread support during his time in office.

Abraham Lincoln’s leadership during one of the most challenging periods in American history solidified his place as one of the greatest presidents.

These men all exhibited integrity, humility, and a commitment to democratic principles, laying the foundation for the presidency as we know it today.

In studying these examples, it becomes clear that a good president must also possess qualities such as effective communication skills, strong leadership abilities, a clear vision for the country’s future, integrity, and an understanding of what truly motivates Americans. Of course we need a president who can govern effectively and make decisions that benefit us while upholding the values of our nation.

However, we also need someone unconventional yet capable of taking charge—someone who can satisfy our need for serious entertainment while making meaningful changes in our society. Where is this charismatic troublemaker, and are they willing to embark on a journey toward transforming our nation for the better?

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