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Imagine Belonging at Work

Connect with dozens of inspiring social justice advocates and DEI thought leaders at a Virtual Summit.

Belonging at Work summit promoAre you committed to imagining and then building an equitable workplace?

How do we give ourselves permission to imagine belonging at work when oppression, power, and privilege influence our workplace culture?⁣⁣

We are living through volatile, uncertain, and complex times. Threats to our democracy and the surge of hate violence sow pervasive division and fear. Our workplaces are not immune. Inclusive leaders committed to advancing our organization’s diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) goals know this all too well.

Organizations in every industry and niche are coming to terms with the fact that culture transformation is needed, but they often don’t know how or where to begin.⁣⁣ If you’re a leader of any kind, whether formally or not, this Summit was created with you in mind. This is for CEOs, executive teams, DEI practitioners, Human Resource directors, employee resource group members, managers, supervisors, and anyone else looking to imagine and then build belonging at work.

Those of us most vulnerable to harm are demanding more action, healing, and a departure from the status quo, now. Over five days, you will connect with dozens of inspiring social justice advocates and DEI thought leaders who will generously share their wisdom and expertise.

Together, our community will gain a better sense of what it means to belong in the workplace, why it matters for the future of work, and everyday actions we can take to make sustainable and impactful changes.

During the five-day summit, leaders, visionaries, and change agents will come together to network and build a community care movement to address these themes:

  •   Preventing Burnout and Building an Indestructible Community
  •   Establish Your Vision
  •   Achieving Real Representation
  •   Equipping Leaders to Embody Inclusive Behaviors
  •   Cascading DEI Goals Throughout All Parts of Your Workplace

The free Belonging at Work Virtual Summit takes place July 11-15, 2022. Register online at


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