Rev William J. Barber II

Rev William J. Barber II

We Must Remember Our Power

Rev William J. Barber II
Rev William J. Barber II
by William J. Barber II –

As the world watches US election results come in, many people are anxious that national polls which have shown Joe Biden with a sizable lead for months will once again be shattered by a last-minute comeback from Donald Trump.

But this is not 2016. Donald Trump is not a reality TV star barnstorming the country with fresh promises to revive local economies and vanquish every imagined enemy. He is an impeached president whose record is a failed response to a global pandemic that has left America grieving unnecessary deaths and struggling to survive in an economy where the richest have seen their wealth increase while everyday Americans face eviction, hunger and loss of healthcare. However strong Trump may look to himself and his adoring crowds, he is politically weak.

Yes, Republicans have engaged in extreme efforts to suppress votes and will fight in court for days to come to have legitimately cast ballots thrown out. We who know that a dying mule always kicks the hardest must be vigilant. But we cannot forget our power.

Nearly 100 million Americans had already voted before polls opened, promising a historic turnout. Of those who already voted in 2020, a quarter did not cast a ballot in 2016. Despite long lines and barriers that were designed to deter them, Americans marched to the voting booth in 2020 as a broader and more diverse electorate than this nation has ever seen. With this demonstration of power, we have the capacity to not only elect new leadership, but also to demand that Democrats and Republicans address the needs of everyday Americans.

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