Giannina Callejas and Samhita Kudva, co-directors for The Center for Participatory Change.

Center for Participatory Change Announces New Co-Directors

Giannina Callejas and Samhita Kudva, co-directors for The Center for Participatory Change.

The Center for Participatory Change (CPC) has appointed two new Co-Directors, Giannina Callejas and Samhita Kudva.

Callejas is a millennial cisgender woman, a first-generation college graduate, and an immigrant who believes the answer to all questions is LOVE. Giannina was born in Bogotá, Colombia, and grew up in Queens, NY. Her vision is to pilot a national movement that leads toward equality for all of humanity. Her dream is to live a life of bliss that is not contested by despair or defied by misery. Her prophecy is to discover herself by providing service to the goodness of the world.

Samhita Kudva is first-generation South Asian, gender-nonconforming cis woman who has been living and working in North Carolina since 2004 (by way of Madison, WI; Erie, PA; and Columbia, MO). She arrived in Raleigh in 2004 to start a career as a journalist. After spending eight years in the Triangle, she moved to Asheville in 2012 to be closer to her parents.

Founded in 1999, CPC’s vision is collective liberation, its mission to ignite collective power, transform systems of oppression, and heal in community. The organization offers programming related to racial equity, language justice, and popular education. The choice of a co-director model is intentional, as CPC values shared leadership as a key strategy toward fulfilling its vision and mission.

CPC’s work is rooted in a collective learning process where communities build awareness and strengthen their abilities to create change. CPC centers the communities most affected by structural inequities, especially Latinx and Black communities.

For more information about CPC, visit, call (828) 232-2049, or drop by 610 Haywood Rd. in Asheville.