President Biden gave a speech at Wilkes University in Pennsylvania to announce his Safer America Plan.

He called the Republicans out for being hypocrites, saying, “Don’t tell me you support law enforcement if you won’t condemn what happened on the 6th. For God’s sake, whose side are you on? You can’t be a party of law and order and call the people who attacked law enforcement on January 6th ‘patriots.’”

He also spoke about mass shootings and gun control: “It’s time to hold every elected official’s feet to the fire and ask, ‘Are you for banning assault weapons? Yes or no?’ Ask them. And if the answer is no, vote against them.”

President Biden laid out his “Safer America Plan” aimed at reducing gun violence. “I am determined to ban assault weapons in this country…….I did it once before and I’ll do it again.”

Specifically, the Plan:

  • Funds the police and promotes effective prosecution of crimes affecting families today, including by funding 100,000 additional police officers who will be recruited, trained, hired, and supervised consistent with the standards in the President’s Executive Order to advance effective, accountable community policing in order to enhance trust and public safety;
  • Invests in crime prevention and a fairer criminal justice system, including by investing $20 billion in services that address the causes of crime and reduce the burdens on police so they can focus on violent crime, and by incentivizing the reform of laws that increase incarceration without redressing public safety;
  • Takes additional commonsense steps on guns to keep dangerous firearms out of dangerous hands, including by calling on Congress to require background checks for all gun sales and ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.