Rep. Alma Adams

Rep. Alma Adams

Rep. Adams Sees Trump Voter Suppression

Rep. Alma Adams
Rep. Alma Adams
By Cash Michaels –

North Carolina first to mail out ballots Sept. 4th.

With fewer than 90 days before the Nov. 3rd presidential election, President Trump’s handpicked Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has displaced or reassigned over 30 top executives at the US Postal Service, all in an effort to slow down the nation’s daily mail delivery in an attempt to disrupt voting by mail nationally.

Based on recent media reports, “Major operational changes” that “slow down mail delivery” are at the behest of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, a major Trump donor.”

Rep. Alma Adams (D-NC-12) wants him fired.

“The United States Postal Service was established by our Constitution, and this year it will play an unprecedented role in guaranteeing our right to vote,” said Congresswoman Adams in a statement Monday. “However, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy continues his unconstitutional sabotage of our Postal Service with complete disregard for the institution’s promise of the ‘safe and speedy transit of the mail’ and the ‘prompt delivery of its contents.’”

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, many states have determined that allowing their citizens to cast their ballots by secured mail would be safest. North Carolina, a so-called “battleground state,” is not only one of those states, but is scheduled to be the first state to mail out absentee ballots to voters beginning on Sept. 4—a full two months before Election Day.

But President Trump has opposed that, making unfounded claims that voting by mail is rife with potential fraud and corruption and accusing the Democrats of engineering it. Trump himself, along with his vice president Mike Pence, most of his cabinet, and some in his family (who are also White House staff) have themselves frequently voted by mail.

Trump is on record as calling the US Postal Service “a joke,” despite the fact that it is the single most trusted and admired operation of the entire federal government, according to numerous polls. Trump, however, says that voting by mail will “lead to the end of our great Republican Party.”

There is little evidence supporting that charge, and in fact, there is abundant evidence from states like Oregon that have voted by mail for years that voting by mail is one of the safest and most accurate ways of conducting elections, even with the USPS operating in the red for many years.

It does not receive funding from tax dollars, but has now asked for $25 billion from Congress. The White House has stood firm against the appropriation.

As this election moves to voting from home due to the coronavirus, the Trump Administration is working to dismantle the United States Post Office itself,” charged Rep. Adams in a recent op-ed. “My friend Maya Angelou used to say, ‘When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.’ The Postmaster General has shown us on multiple occasions he is working to dismantle a fundamental institution of our democracy. He needs to resign or be removed, now,” concludes Adams.

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