DeAngelo Wright and Camron Davis work in an Advanced Aerospace Composites class at A-B Tech.

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DeAngelo Wright and Camron Davis work in an Advanced Aerospace Composites class at A-B Tech.

Quick Career Courses at A-B Tech.

Camron Davis and DeAngelo Wright are both working at a great career with a bright future at GE Aviation after taking Aerospace Composites training classes at A-B Tech through the college’s Quick Career programs. However, these friends didn’t always have the best opportunities.

“What put me over the edge was when on my 12th work anniversary, I got a ten-cent raise,” Davis said. “I promised myself I wouldn’t be there the next year.” Two-and-a-half years later, working at GE, Davis makes more than double what he did then, with great benefits and serious opportunity for advancement.

“I knew I could not provide for my family,” said Wright. “What was the worst thing that could happen if I didn’t take the chance?

“I’d tried to get into manufacturing but they always wanted manufacturing experience,” Davis said. “I didn’t have it. How was I supposed to get experience when they wouldn’t hire me without manufacturing experience?

“For years my mother pushed me to go back to school, to get some more training. But I was always working. I told myself, ‘I have to work. But when they gave me that ten-cent raise I realized the only way I could do better was to go get more education. Nobody else was going to do it for me.

“I’d heard GE was beginning to hire people for a new plant and they were training them at A-B Tech, so I went to the GE booth and signed up and took two Advanced Aerospace Composites courses. Andy McNeal, (the instructor) was great. A-B Tech was great. I finally learned enough to get their (GE’s) attention. I applied for the job. It all took several months and a lot of work but I got the job.”

“Take the gamble,” said Wright, currently employed at GE also, after short-term training courses at A-B Tech’s Advanced Manufacturing Center in Advanced Aerospace Composites. That and some smart stick-to-it-ness certainly will pay off.

Asked his advice to others stuck in low-paying, dead-end jobs, Davis is quick to answer, “Go learn something new. Make yourself more valuable. You are the only one who can make it happen—and you can.”

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