Negotiating Tips for Women

Women are typically hired based on past performance while men are hired based on their future potential.

If we are going to have equality in the workplace and beyond, negotiation skills are extremely important. These steps will help build confidence, productivity, and happiness. Don’t wait, ask for what you want!

Do your research

Knowing who you are dealing with is the first step toward negotiation success. Understanding their background and familiarizing yourself with their goals can help you in any negotiation.

Speak Up

As women, many of us are afraid to take a stand. The more you speak to yourself with love, the louder and clearer your authentic voice becomes. Don’t give in to that voice that tells you to quiet down.

Leave Emotion at the Door

Don’t show anger, annoyance, excitement, or anything other than calm professionalism. Your emotions and microexpressions are likely being analyzed and assessed during every moment of the negotiation.


Hire a coach, talk in the mirror, or get a friend to run through scenarios and sample questions that could come up. Preparation is beneficial for a successful negotiation. This shouldn’t be the first time you ask for what you want. It’s important to think it through and practice saying it out loud.

Make a List

Write down exactly what your goals are. Be clear on what you will and will not accept.

Get Everything in Writing

They may promise you the moon but unless you get it in writing you are not guaranteed a thing! Push for paperwork to back up everything.

Use Silence

Put your offer on the table and then stay silent. Human nature will tempt you to filling the void, but don’t! Your silence will speak volumes.

Look Successful

Talk, think, and dress for what you want to achieve. It is possible to look the part on a reasonable budget.

Be Willing to Walk Away

It is okay to walk away; if they truly want you, they will get in touch. There will be other opportunities, especially if the offer was not ideal.


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