Realizing a New Possibility in One Generation

“It’s the year 2050… and racism has ended.” Could this really be our future? If so, what has to happen now to achieve such a radical change?

In How We Ended Racism, Justin Michael Williams and Shelly Tygielski reveal a path for real and lasting global impact—not just talking about it, studying it, or making small steps, but actually ending racism in one generation.

Williams and Tygielski draw from a wide array of scientific studies as well as their practical successes in teaching a multitude of diverse groups across perceived “divides” to show us how to shift our perspective and enact lasting change in our families, workplaces, communities, and beyond.

How We Ended Racism provides solid answers to the questions future generations will ask about this pivotal time in history by laying out the conditions that needed to arise in humanity to realize this possibility, and including research on large-scale social change that shows racism could end.

“You don’t fix racism,” say the authors. “You don’t fight it. You don’t make it better. You end it. We learned how to bridge any political or ideological divide―inviting liberals, conservatives, and everyone in between to co-create a future worth fighting for.”

Here is a guide that dares to envision a world beyond typical diversity, equity, and inclusion work while providing tools and action steps to create a liberated future―so that our descendants can look back at this era as the time when we decided to end racism for the good of all.

How We Ended Racism looks back from a future in which racism is no more and inspires us to start taking positive action today.