Americas Path Forward book coverConversations with Social Innovators on the Power of Communities Everywhere.

The United States is living through a period of polarization and upheaval. We hunger for answers, yet too often turn to the same people and institutions, expecting different outcomes. How can this be? Thankfully, editors Konstanze Frischen and Michael Zakaras have compiled a selection of critiques and solutions created by social changemakers from all walks of life.

America’s Path Forward takes a different angle. It features award-winning social innovators from all walks of life with decades of experience of working in and with their communities across America. In twenty-two deep, idea-packed conversations, they share their analyses, practical insights, and policy recommendations—on how to gain common ground, get the country unstuck, and increase prosperity and well-being for all.

These narratives share a common thread: They see community members—workers, young people, parents, neighbors, from Appalachia to Silicon Valley, from the Gulf Coast to the Great Lakes—as creative, resourceful, and strong, with unique expertise and lived experience of the problem at hand, whose changemaking energy can be tapped to build a better future for all of us.

America’s Path Forward is a must-read for anyone who wants to see past the noise of polarization and look for new paths that will unite, rather than divide us.