They Cloned TyroneFor those who are missing the message of They Cloned Tyrone: YOU ARE THE CLONE!

They Cloned Tyrone has nothing to do with Jamie Foxx being cloned. This movie is about us. The drug dealers, scammers, gangsters, pimps, hoes, and hood rats are the clones, carbon copies of the same stereotypes found in neighborhoods all across this country. These stereotypes are allowed to thrive because their presence keeps property values low and allows “the powers that be” to experiment on our communities without fear.

The clones are us. Many of us destroy our own living conditions for little to no real financial gain, and at the expense of our own families due to lack of self esteem and knowledge of self. We are the clones who can’t see past our own block, or hood because we have been programmed to be short sighted. This movie cleverly shows us all the ways that we are kept from seeing how we are being manipulated.

Pay attention. You and I are Tyrone. Some of the things we consume in the Black community are bad for our health. In the movie, the fast food/drugs—chicken made everyone laugh and be oblivious to their surroundings. Black trauma affects our lives negatively when we watch the news everyday. Negative music, stereotypes, and indifference add to the dysfunction of our communities.

Notice how the whole community had to finally come together to prevail. This movie has a real message! Many of us suffer from a lack of knowledge. Raise your kids to travel, to get out and meet people, visit other countries, learn other languages, try different foods. The real question is, how long will it take for us to wise up? When we come together, we can create change!

Watch They Cloned Tyrone with an open mind. This retrofuturistic film is packed with timeless messages about “the powers that be” and their efforts to control our lives and communities.