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Take some time to browse for currently-available jobs on Indeed that may be good options for you.

In the “what” field, try using keywords related to your soft and hard skills such as “customer service” or “social media.”

  • Browse jobs that are Work From Home or Remote. This will display jobs that can be done from the safety of your home. Type “remote” or “WFH” in the “what” field in your Indeed job search to view these available jobs. You can also filter by location to find remote jobs in your city.

  • Search “urgently hiring” on Indeed in the “what” field or look for the urgently hiring tag next to a job posting. This tag means the employer has identified they need the position filled urgently.

You should also consider emerging job opportunities as COVID-19 continues to affect how businesses operate across the country. For example, many cities need “essential” personnel such as grocery clerks, healthcare professionals, food and grocery delivery professionals and more.

For jobs in Asheville, please go to,-NC-jobs.html

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