Juneteenth 2020

Juneteenth is a day that honors Black freedom and Black resistance, and centers Black people’s unique contribution to the struggle for justice in the U.S.

This Juneteenth is a rare moment for our communities to proclaim in one voice that Black Lives Matter, and that we won’t tolerate anything less than justice for all our people.

The deaths of Black people by law enforcement and vigilantes is the result of centuries-old anti-Black attitudes flanked by prejudicial legislation and a “Wild Wild West” approach to law and order meant to intimidate Black people and control our behavior. Many elements—such as racist stereotypes, stand-your-ground laws, law enforcement and vigilantism that have treated Black people with a guilty-until-proven innocent approach, and antiquated policing systems with roots in slave catching—coalesce to create a network of deadly terror for Black communities nationwide. This network, compounded by a criminal legal system with a history of antipathy toward us, wreaks havoc on Black bodies like George, Ahmaud, and Breonna.

Right now, uprisings are taking place in all 50 states, and more than two-thirds of Americans agree that police violence is systemic. We haven’t experienced mass mobilizations like this since the uprisings led by courageous Black folks in Ferguson and St. Louis. These actions include small towns, as well as major cities in both red and blue regions. he energy is sustained and escalating. The Movement for Black Lives is alive and vibrant.

We will avenge the suffering of our ancestors. Take action on Friday, June 19, 2020 for Juneteenth, text “Defend” to 90975.

Asheville, NC Defend Black Lives Event

To mark Juneteenth, a day that honors Black freedom and Black resistance, join the nationwide weekend of action by attending this local event! This event “Emancipating Entrepreneurship” will discuss the role that Black business has played in the past, and hope it will shape our future.

Friday, June 19 at 4 p.m.
Asheville Zoom meeting hosted by Cortina Jenelle Caldwell
Email info@mountainbizequity.com to request registration.

For more details, please visit www.sixnineteen.com.

WATCH THE VIDEOSPREAD THE WORDThe groups and leaders of the Movement for Black Lives is calling for the SIX NINETEEN mobilization on Juneteenth weekend. June 19-21.Take action from home, in your community or with us in Washington, D.C. I can’t wait.#SixNineteen #DefundPolice #DefendBlackLife

Posted by Malkia Devich Cyril on Wednesday, June 10, 2020

On July 2, 1964 the United States Government appeared to have entered a social contract with Black people called the Civil Rights Bill. This bill was one of many victories made by the Civil Rights Movement and further expanded by the Black power movement.

Yet, Black people have not had the pleasure of experiencing the benefits of said contract. Moments of freedom are few and far between, all of which have been hard won. America has once again broken the contract. Take action on Friday, June 19 for Juneteenth, text “Defend” to 90975.

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