Big Boi Fly Launches Clothing Line

Entrepreneur Joe Greene

Fashion show scheduled for January 27, 2018.

Entrepreneur Joe Greene’s Big Boi Fly clothing line offers a new fashion wave for big guys. An online store,, caters to men sizes 2X to 6X. Greene will showcase the Big Boi Fly line at a fashion show on Saturday, January 27 at the Ellington Underground.

“Big Boi Fly was birthed because every time I order clothes the models in the photos are in L or XL clothes. You never see a guy in a 5X shirt. I wanted to bring light to how guys look in a 5X shirt.”

With an urban vibe, Big Boi Fly offers a variety of casual clothes with a simple palette of red, white, black, gray, and Carolina blue. Greene is working with, based in Arden, for his printing.

The concept for Big Boi Fly came to Greene in 2014, and he held his first fashion show in the fall of 2016, featuring clothing from New York Fashions and Dillard’s. After encouragement from friends, he finally took the leap to start his own clothing company. “So far, I’m happy to say that people have been very receptive to Big Boi Fly.”

For Greene, the goal of Big Boi Fly is to build confidence. “I want to show big guys some style, let them know they can be fly. Confidence with style, that’s what we offer.”

For tickets and information regarding the Jan. 27 fashion show, contact Joe Greene at or (828) 215-2063.


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